In 1910 appears concretely the idea developed by Mr Venloo, architect and great sports, to promote the game of golf. November 10, 1912, a City Council deliberation stops the rental conditions of a plot it owns in the dunes of Bréville in favor of the NHS to establish a golf course. In spring 1913, “Future Republican” ad in its columns the opening 9 holes the following summer. The final course, designed by Mr Colt require a longer preparation. Le Cercle Des Sports is entrusted with the management of facilities and they officially opened July 5, 1914 in the presence Aubrey Boomer, prodigy originally from Jersey. Unfortunately, the First World War began and the land turned into training grounds for local garrison. After the armistice, Granville does not escape the rush of the Roaring Twenties, it is strongly propose a question of land to the height of the reputation of the posh resort. In 1921, the golf course is in redevelopment and since June, work began under the direction of Mr Green overseen by Mr COLT. Taking advantage of the spectacular landscape of dunes, the legendary architect has designed one of the most extensive existing course at that time in Europe. The initiators even consider a 27-hole course. Jane REGNY in the 1925 edition of its directory of golf highlights the natural qualities of Granville links referring to a report published in 1922 after the visit and gentlemen SUTTON MARTIN, English specialists and recognized experts. Stunned by what they discover, they write, “this place, which gives the impression of being a golfing paradise … it is unlikely that even in England or Scotland, we had a course with natural provisions more favorable “.Welcoming many national and international championships have always Granville is unavoidable, moreover, native son, Christian Dior, boasting loved golfing with his friends.


The great links is a magnificent example of the achievements of Harry Shappland COLT at the peak of his art. If there is only a dozen holes completely original, most new follow closely enough the same route as their predecessors. During his visit in 2003, Bill COORE, captivated by this “pure jewels”, stated that “Becoming a world-class golf has certainly some constraints but also many advantages.” The excellent biography (Colt and Co – by W. Fred Hawtree).