Initiated by Mr. De Venloo and Coste, the course was designed by Harry Colt in 1912, it has undergone some changes since. Located along the coast, it is the only French course of 18 holes to qualify for the label links. Its fairways, undulating or very steep, are lined with very high and very penalizing roughs during the summer. The heavy sand bunkers are very deep, you have to be an expert to easily get the ball. In 1986, a new 9-hole loop has complemented the first track.

Thanks to a substrate worthy of the best seaside courses from across the Channel, the land remains perfectly playable all year round. Its clubhouse, designed by Auguste Bluysen, in typical Anglo-Norman style, was rebuilt in 2012. The Golf past steeped in tradition, Granville is considered by many players as a real challenge. Always ranked among the best, he has received numerous national and international championships which Gounouilhou in 2012, the Golfer’s Puiforcat in 2013 and in 2014. It is the only French course to have had the honor to be in the magnificent book “True Links” preface by Tom Watson.

First entrusted to the circle of sports, golf management has been very quickly transferred to the NHS, later the SIHN. This real estate company has greatly boosted the local economy, especially in tourism, for many years. The sports association, as we know it today, was founded in 1937 to enable its members to encourage and practice golf and possibly other sports.